CTE Global Multi-cloud Access

Cloud migration has become a pivotal requirement for many forward-looking businesses. China Telecom Europe Ltd. (CTE)’s Global Multi-cloud access is a cross-border connection service that provides fast, flexible and global connectivity.

Global Multi-cloud Access Fast, flexible and global connectivity with our elastic multi-cloud platform


Getting lost in the complexity of using multiple clouds? Digitisation towards cloud technology continues to transform how many businesses operate today. Cloud solutions are providing innovative advances like working from anywhere, anytime

to real time analytics and data to just-in- time operations. However, many of these technologies are deployed globally using a number of providers with cloud centres based in many different parts of the world. Accessing multiple clouds is becoming a complex norm. Cloud migration has become a pivotal requirement for many forward-looking businesses, yet organising and managing it all is not easy.

W hy choose CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access solution? Proven Global Connectivity Connect to the clouds of leading providers in China and around the world. Our Global Multi-cloud Access solution is optimized for direct, multi-cloud connectivity with global coverage, using China Telecom’s capabilities in the Chinese market. Simplify your business processes when you’re planning cloud migration with Chinese subsidiaries or looking to enter the Chinese market. Fast Delivery Establish connectivity to cloud services quickly, between cloud nodes inside and outside China, by leveraging the APIs of cloud partners and our SDN. With CTE’s service you get connection times of 1 working day cloud to cloud and 3-7 working days cloud to data centre. Elastic scalability Choose a comprehensive solution that responds flexibly to your organisation’s needs and connectivity requirements, now and in the future. Our Global Multi-cloud Access service lets you scale bandwidth from 2M to 10G as needed and add VLANs as your requirements change to handle new offices or application workloads. Future-proof your business with Global Multi-cloud Access solution China Telecom Europe Ltd. (CTE)’s Global Multi-cloud access is a cross-border connection service that uses multiple cloud vendors to support enterprises. Our Global Multi-cloud Access is secure and reliable cloud-to-cloud. It offers data centre to cloud transmission service with dedicated layer 2 or layer 3 connectivity. Using China Telecom’s cloud service provider API and SDN-based transmission backbone network, our Global Multi-cloud Access solution is a pre-provisioned service. Your organisation can monitor, configure, and manage your processes using our Self-Service Portal.


CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access: General


Using the SDN network architecture and China Telecom’s self-built basic network, CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access ensures the identification and stability of different user networks 24/7. End-to-end encryption and dedicated connectivity, for data transfer between data centres and private or public clouds, produce a secure hybrid cloud environment.

CTE - Multi-cloud Access backbone

Public cloud

Office site


Office site


How does CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access work? Our solution is versatile as an add-on that is compatible and can be bundled with various underlay options provided by CTE, such as P2P Ethernet lines, MPLS VPN or SD-Wan.

Scenario 1: P2P connection from cloud to on-premise customer site

CTE - Mulri-cloud Access


DC Site

Public cloud

Scenario 2: Multi-site (any to any) elastic connection

DC site

Public cloud C

CTE - CTE Multi-cloud Access

Public cloud A

Office site

Public cloud B

Our Cloud Access

Contact us today to find out more Call CTE on +44 020 7537 7156 or email us at info.europe@chinatelecomglobal.com

C TE Key Facts

Extensive European-Asia Network – transiting TMP, TEA, TEA2, TEA 4, CR2, TSR, SMW3, SMW4 and SMW5 cable systems

World’s largest 4G LTE FDD mobile operator (323 million mobile subscribers)

World’s largest broadband operator (127 million subscribers)

Owns and operates China’s largest optical fibre network: over 83,000km long, covering 70% of China’s territory and connecting all Chinese cities

Who is CTE? For companies who want to grow their businesses or establish a presence in China, or for Chinese enterprises that wish to expand overseas, CTE provides integrated telecoms and communications services. CTE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global (CTG), the international arm of China Telecom. CTE’s unrivalled knowledge of the Chinese market, and regional offices across Europe, make CTE an ideal partner for European and Asian businesses, including European multinational enterprises, Chinese enterprises in Europe, carriers, telecom service providers as well as Europe-based Chinese consumers. CTE seamlessly connects your global business to the world’s largest single marketplace. Our European-Asia Network has more terrestrial and submarine routes than any of our competitors, and domestically China Telecom owns the largest digital network in China. This results in superior lower latency, greater diversity and improved resilience when accessing business applications to and from China. CTE can bring all your international communications needs under one global contract, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the safe hands of industry experts.

Owns and operates ChinaNet, China’s largest Internet network

Owns and operates China’s largest MPLS VPN network, based on our next-generation, carrier-class, IPv6-capable Internet backbone network

Primary service provider in all 21 southern provinces in China

Owns comprehensive trans-Pacific cable systems, including China-U.S., Japan-U.S., SE-AME-WE3 in APCN2, SMW3, SMW5, FASTER, Flag, TAE, etc.

International bilateral connectivity to 100+ countries

More than 670,000 professionals employed around the world

#158 on Fortune’s Global 500 in 2020

Contact us today to find out more Call CTE on +44 020 7537 7156 or email us at info.europe@chinatelecomglobal.com

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