CTE Global Multi-cloud Access

CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access: General


Using the SDN network architecture and China Telecom’s self-built basic network, CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access ensures the identification and stability of different user networks 24/7. End-to-end encryption and dedicated connectivity, for data transfer between data centres and private or public clouds, produce a secure hybrid cloud environment.

CTE - Multi-cloud Access backbone

Public cloud

Office site


Office site


How does CTE’s Global Multi-cloud Access work? Our solution is versatile as an add-on that is compatible and can be bundled with various underlay options provided by CTE, such as P2P Ethernet lines, MPLS VPN or SD-Wan.

Scenario 1: P2P connection from cloud to on-premise customer site

CTE - Mulri-cloud Access


DC Site

Public cloud

Scenario 2: Multi-site (any to any) elastic connection

DC site

Public cloud C

CTE - CTE Multi-cloud Access

Public cloud A

Office site

Public cloud B

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