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China Telecom (Europe) offers a flexible, feature rich SD-WAN platform over our advanced private network. It can deliver network controls to secure and manage your data while offering access to your customers, partners and employees in China, Asia-Pacific and beyond. Our SD-WAN solutions provide you with stable, secure and flexible connectivity today and into the future.

SD-WAN Essentials

and SD-WAN PLus Global Network Agility with CTE Next Generation solutions


Are you ahead of the game, or trying to keep up?

How CTE’s SD-WAN satisfies your global network demands

Is your enterprise WAN optimised for your business use? How secure is your WAN and its application control? Can it adapt to your enterprise’s needs in a crisis?

CTE’s SD-WAN solution connects you to customers and branches all over the world. We deliver:

As your business grows, so do the challenges for your network. Your organisation needs to keep pace with rapidly advancing digital and technological change. Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technologies promise greater flexibility and agility for business networks. That’s why enterprises put SD-WAN at the heart of their digital development strategies for cloud migration and IoT-connected equipment. Comprehensive SD-WAN services from China Telecom Europe Ltd. (CTE) can prepare your business for the move to virtual computing and cloud computing across multiple territories. More importantly, they help your business navigate through future changes, reduce harm from unforeseen events and keep you ahead of the game.

High quality application performance Easy access to public cloud platforms Real-time adjustment to individual bandwidth on demand (BoD) and network conditions Reduced WAN complexity and maintenance processes Lower network management costs Improved over-all end-user experience. Install a virtual CPE to guarantee fast delivery and make use of NFV to provide enhanced benefits and features. Customising CTE’s SD-WAN for your business

China-compliant Work with China specialists, with the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to help your ventures succeed in China. CTE SD-WAN solutions help your global enterprise launch and expand in the Chinese market. All of our services are fully compliant with the stringent requirements of Chinese cyber security laws. Tailored Customise CTE’s SD-WAN solutions to meet your individual business needs and requirements. Our services, including Bandwidth on demand, Zero-Touch deployment and 24/7 on-site device replacement, let you respond quickly to unforeseen events and enable your network to adapt rapidly to new challenges. Comprehensive Futureproof your business with our flexible services, and choose to add additional security measures, further WAN optimisation, use of multiple mobile devices or SAAS services, to your bespoke service bundle.

CTE’s SD-WAN services adapt to your business needs. With flexible options for your organisation to develop your SD-WAN solution with our team of experts.

Over the Top SD-WAN For businesses who want a SD-WAN overlay that uses their existing underlying telecommunications infrastructure to reduce the need for integration work


Design and consulting SD-WAN box with staging SD-WAN box MA Implementation of SD-WAN service over the top of any underlay service (Ethernet link, MPLS, DIA, 4G, fibre and more)

SD-WAN as a Service For businesses who want to move towards an operational cost with a native cloud solution


Design and consulting SD-WAN box with staging SD-WAN box MA Last mile access types (Ethernet link, DIA, 4G and more) Global SD-WAN gateway (CGW) Global SD-WAN backbone with SLA

Contact us today to find out more Call CTE on +44 020 7537 7156 or email us at info.europe@chinatelecomglobal.com


 Your SD-WAN bundle options

Scenario 2: Over the Top SD-WAN

SD-WAN cloud controller network

SD-WAN Essential is used, amongst other things, for site-to-site networking. This bundle includes key features not available in traditional networking products (e.g. IEPL, MPLS VPN, IPSEC VPN).

MEA network

EU network

SD-WAN Plus adds extra features to the SD-WAN Essential bundle, including the ability to customise your SD-WAN network package.

SD-WAN Essential

WAN optimisation TCP, UDP, Cache SD-WAN Plus

Multi-transport Ethernet private links, MPLS, DIA, LTE Multi-path control Dynamic path selection, overlay QoS and SLA policy

APAC network

Americas network

Next Generation Firewalls IPS/IDS, content filter, anti-virus, application control, sandbox

Cloud providers

Cloud connection IaaS, SaaS.

Application awareness Dynamic application steering

Scenario 3: SD-WAN SaaS acceleration package

Cloud orchestrator with centralised controller

BYOD mobile

Value added service UCaaS, O365, security

Zero touch deployment

CTE’s SD-WAN will differ based on your organisation’s need. Four commons scenarios are shown to illustrate our depth in capabilities. It is not exhaustive, so contact us for more information.

Scenario 4: Multi Cloud Access based on SD-WAN

Scenario 1: SD-WAN as a Service Essential

Cloud exchange


Cloud providers

Branch sites

Global backbone


Cloud connection

Contact us today to find out more Call CTE on +44 020 7537 7156 or email us at info.europe@chinatelecomglobal.com


Who is CTE? For companies who want to grow their businesses or establish a presence in China, or for Chinese enterprises that wish to expand overseas, CTE provides integrated telecoms and communications services. CTE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global (CTG), the international arm of China Telecom. CTE’s unrivalled knowledge of the Chinese market, and regional offices across Europe, make CTE an ideal partner for European and Asian businesses, including European multinational enterprises, Chinese enterprises in Europe, carriers, telecom service providers as well as Europe-based Chinese consumers. CTE seamlessly connects your global business to the world’s largest single marketplace. Our European-Asia Network has more terrestrial and submarine routes than any of our competitors, and domestically China Telecom owns the largest digital network in China. This results in superior lower latency, greater diversity and improved resilience when accessing business applications to and from China. CTE can bring all your international communications needs under one global contract, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the safe hands of industry experts. 100% Bespoke Solutions When you partner with us, everything we do is geared to your speci c needs. We’ll design a tailored SD-WAN solution that delivers the performance, exibility and capabilities you demand. Choose a SD-WAN as a service or an over the top solution and bundle it with our SD-WAN Plus options. Ensure additional security for your organisation with Next Generation Firewall included in the SD-WAN Plus bundle. Add flexibility with access for mobile users using the BYOD-package in the SD-WAN Plus bundle. Adapt your business to meet the challenges of today and the future with our managed value added services and WAN optimisation.

 CTE Key Facts

Extensive European-Asia Network – transiting TMP, TEA, TEA2, TEA 4, CR2, TSR, SMW3, SMW4 and SMW5 cable systems

World’s largest 4G LTE FDD mobile operator (323 million mobile subscribers)

World’s largest broadband operator (127 million subscribers)

Owns comprehensive Trans-Pacific capacity on different cable systems such as: APCN2, Japan-US, Faster, NCP, TPE, UNITY, PC-1 and AA.

Owns and operates ChinaNet, China’s largest Internet network

Owns and operates China’s largest MPLS VPN network, based on our next-generation, carrier-class, IPv6-capable Internet backbone network

A leading service provider in China

Owns comprehensive trans-Pacific cable systems, including China-U.S., Japan-U.S., SE-AME-WE3 inAPCN2, SMW3, SMW5, FASTER, Flag, TAE, etc.

International bilateral connectivity to 100+ countries

More than 670,000 professionals employed around the world #158 on Fortune’s Global 500 in 2020

Contact us today to find out more Call CTE on +44 020 7537 7156 or email us at info.europe@chinatelecomglobal.com

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Luxembourg Russia Sweden Czech Republic Germany

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