CTE SD-WAN Brochure

 Your SD-WAN bundle options

Scenario 2: Over the Top SD-WAN

SD-WAN cloud controller network

SD-WAN Essential is used, amongst other things, for site-to-site networking. This bundle includes key features not available in traditional networking products (e.g. IEPL, MPLS VPN, IPSEC VPN).

MEA network

EU network

SD-WAN Plus adds extra features to the SD-WAN Essential bundle, including the ability to customise your SD-WAN network package.

SD-WAN Essential

WAN optimisation TCP, UDP, Cache SD-WAN Plus

Multi-transport Ethernet private links, MPLS, DIA, LTE Multi-path control Dynamic path selection, overlay QoS and SLA policy

APAC network

Americas network

Next Generation Firewalls IPS/IDS, content filter, anti-virus, application control, sandbox

Cloud providers

Cloud connection IaaS, SaaS.

Application awareness Dynamic application steering

Scenario 3: SD-WAN SaaS acceleration package

Cloud orchestrator with centralised controller

BYOD mobile

Value added service UCaaS, O365, security

Zero touch deployment

CTE’s SD-WAN will differ based on your organisation’s need. Four commons scenarios are shown to illustrate our depth in capabilities. It is not exhaustive, so contact us for more information.

Scenario 4: Multi Cloud Access based on SD-WAN

Scenario 1: SD-WAN as a Service Essential

Cloud exchange


Cloud providers

Branch sites

Global backbone


Cloud connection

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