CTE Service Terms for A2P SMS Service

Agreement, up and until when the Supplier has issued an invoice for such Charges to the Customer and the Customer has settled such invoice accordingly.

13.2 Once the invoice issued pursuant to Clause 13.1 above is properly settled by the Customer and payment is received by the Supplier, the Supplier may resume providing the A2P SMS Services to the Customer. 13.3 the Supplier shall be entitled to adjust the amount of the Credit Limit without prior written notice to the Customer in the event that the Supplier has reasonable grounds to believe that the Customer's financial position has materially deteriorated such that the Supplier believes that Customer may not be able to fulfil its obligations to pay any Charges when due.



14.1 The Supplier shall use all commercially reasonable endeavours to maintain service availability of the A2P SMS Services (" Service Availability ") at 99.5% per month. Such availability corresponds to a maximum of 216 minutes of unavailability of the A2P SMS Services on a monthly basis.

14.2 Service Availability is measured and calculated monthly for the A2P SMS Services as a percentage based on the following formula:

( A – B ) / A = Service Availability , where:

A = the total number of minutes in the relevant month;

B = the total number of minutes of duration of Unavailability of that month, which shall exclude the periods of Scheduled Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance.

14.3 The Supplier shall give a prior written notice of no less than three (3) Business Days to the Customer in relation to any Scheduled Maintenance.


Outage Response and Resolution Time Targets

In the event of an unplanned outage (including Emergency Maintenance), the Supplier shall use its best endeavours to meet the following time targets for communication with the Customer and resolution of such outage, depending on the severity of such outage.

Outage Severity Level


Target Outage Response Time

Target Outage Resolution Time


Service is fully stopped due to system outage

1 hour

8 hours (*)


Service is seriously degraded but can continue its operation via a work- around or incremental resource for a short period of time before business stops. Service is lost by small number of users, affecting significant business functionality. Problems or incidents where a work- around exists or can be developed with a small amount of incremental resources.

4 hour

48 hours (*)


8 hour

168 hours (*)


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