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EUROPEAN LUXURY FASHION MANUFACTURER A leading European luxury fashionmanufacturer specialising in ready-to-wear men’s and women’s footwear, accessories and denim, with branches and stores located in Europe and China-APAC.

Objectives The partner had multiple branches spread throughout Europe and China. Connectivity to the Chinese market had been difficult, with high latencies and unstable connections impacting communication between branches. They required quality connectivity and SaaS acceleration services. They had already been working with China Telecom Europe (CTE) for many years, using our SD-WAN connectivity services and being extremely satisfied. However, due to increasing requirements for their China operations, they required new solutions for cloud connectivity, in-store displays and more. As a result of their existing quality service, they again sought out CTE Solutions With our dedicated teams in Europe and China, CTE worked with the manufacturer and delivered DIA to their China HQ and a dozen of connected stores, SaaS acceleration features and digital signage to enhance their cross-border communications, business operations as well as in-store presence in China. Our team of experts also provided quality global support with local understanding to advise, deliver and optimise these solutions and features to give the customer further confidence in our long-term partnership and their cross-regional business success.

At a glance


Evolving connectivity requirements across multiple solutions as business grows

Lack of local resources and trusted partners in China for ICT solutions

Unreliable customer support fromprevious providers

Benefits •

Customised connectivity services to optimise cross-border operations

One-stop shop leveraging industry and local expertise for ICT solutions in China

Excellent customer support fromproject management, delivery and post-sales support


Customised connectivity services to optimise cross-border operations

The broad range of telecommunications solutions from CTE have made major improvement on the customer’s internal communications between borders and SaaS application performance such as Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, Sage and more, overcoming the limitations of application latency, network congestion and bandwidth constraints. One-stop shop leveraging industry and local expertise for ICT solutions in China Our partner benefited from CTE’s status as the China experts, with a vast number of strategic partnerships with hundreds of hardware and software vendors, providing tailored cost-effective solutions. The partner only need one unified point of contact with China Telecom rather than having to manage their relationship between so many different vendors.

China Telecom has given us more value than a regular provider in our line of support, expertise, and their project management has been world class. Partner Head of IT Operations

Excellent customer support from project management, delivery and post-sales support

Our qualified, multilingual customer support engineers in Europe and project team based are able to provide 24x7 support to the project. Our professional team is certified to support on equipment from a wide range of hardware and software vendors, standing out as the experienced partners you can trust.

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