CTE Body Temperature Screening System Brochure

Are you prepared for the challenges ahead?

CTE body temperature scanning devices

Today, businesses and organisations operate in a world that’s more complex than ever before. People are more connected. They travel widely and frequently for work and leisure. Businesses trying to maintain the health and safety of their employees are facing new and growing challenges because of this increasingly connected environment. Safeguard your workplace with our body temperature screening systems  Temperature screening from China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. (CTE) provides rapid, accurate results when you want to keep your workplace safe. CTE’s body temperature screening system features multi-point temperature detection, real-time monitoring, multi-person detection and over-temperature alarm. It works in dense crowds, so it’s suitable for areas with large numbers of people.

High resolution online body temperature screening

Our body temperature screening camera covers open areas and operates between 10°C and 35°C. Alarm system connects through your server for instant alerts, with high quality image detail. Technical specifications

Thermal resolution: 384 x 288, lens (10/15mm) Optical resolution: 2688 x 1520, lens (4/6mm) Temperature measurement range: 30 °C - 45°C Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C Install methods: wall mounted Installation height: 1.7-2.5 metres Detection distance: 3-9 metres (depending on lens used) Simultaneous screening of up to 30 people Supports real-time audio alarm monitoring fully connect to your server A.I. human body detection system to reduce false alarms that may happen in temperature screening

Why choose CTE temperature screening?


Portable indoor temperature screening Our portable body temperature scanner works in small spaces. Light and easy to use all around your workplace. Technical specifications

Our scanners work without touching test subjects. That makes them ideal for large crowds and high volume inspections.

Rapid response

Our body screening systems work in real-time for large numbers of people. The over-temperature alarm gives you speedy notification when you need to take action.

Thermal imaging resolution: 160x120 Optical resolution: Max 8MP

Highly accurate

We offer measurement accuracy variation of just ±0.5°C, so you can trust the results and be sure of when to take action.

Temperature measurement range: 30 °C - 45°C Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C Screen size: 3.5” LCD touch screen Install methods: hand held or on tripod Installation height: 1.5 metres Detection distance: 1.5 - 3 metres Supports real-time audio alarm and WiFi hotspot Automatic screenshot and upload of detected person to mobile thermal app

Where to use body temperature screening?

Our devices are adaptable for use in a wide variety of buildings and situations. CTE body temperature screening is suitable for:

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Places needing quick screening, such as passenger channels on transport networks.

Regular monitoring for corridors and entrances in workplaces, including schools.

High traffic public areas, for example a hospital information desk.


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