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BUILDINGS SUPPLIESMANUFACTURER A European based building supplies manufacturer looks for a Chinese government approved supplier to connect SaaS applications from theWest across borders, so the company can effectively communicate and streamline operations.

Objectives A buildings supplies manufacturer headquartered in Southern Europe has operations in China that need constant cross border communications and collaboration. They use SaaS application from the West across their business, which in mainland China does not work for personal use. Their former provider was unable to link the business effectively, which meant that team members in China could not communicate with those in Europe. They needed a Chinese government approved connectivity solution between Europe and China. Solutions China Telecom (Europe) provided the building supplies manufacturer comprehensive network solutions to effectively connect European teams with operations in mainland China. This included SD-WAN network solutions that are fully compliant to Chinese cyber security laws with proper encryption and stable, fast connections. A self-management portal was provided to the manufacturer to monitor the connectivity and traffic. The business also benefited from SaaS acceleration of western business applications and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) services for their staff in China. This meant that their international operations could effectively work together without the stress oftrying to find workarounds. They could ultimately focus on providing exceptional support for the buildings industry.

At a glance


• Unstable and poor internet connections from former provider

• Staff in China unable to access SaaS

applications from theWest to communicate with rest of their teamglobally

• Complex cyber security regulations in China

Benefits •

Stable, reliable connectivity across China

Industry leading SLAs for service

One-stop shop for telecommunication services


Stable, reliable connectivity across China

The connectivity services has allowed the business to optimise their use of SaaS applications from the West . The flexibility and monitoring capabilities of the traffic has meant the business can prioritise traffic bandwidth as well related to those applications .

“China Telecom Europe was invaluable in solving our key challenge in connecting our European operations to China. They really helped to get our communication SaaS applications working for us in China. We are pleased with the results and look forward to further collaborations . ” ITManager

Industry leading SLAs for service

Service Level Agreements (SLA) of 99.95%means that the business has the assurance of connectivity that they can rely on to run their cross border business applications.

One-stop shop for telecommunication services

The positive experience with the current service has meant that the business can develop the partnership further with China Telecom ( Europe ) to provide additional SD-WAN services globally and look at other areas like cloud infrastructure.

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