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China Telecom (Europe), a global technology leader, can help you explore, plan and implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to transform how your business operates. Re-imagine how you deliver value and operational excellence with our suite of IoT applicable scenarios.

Internet of Things (IoT) Connect your business with IoT from China Telecom (Europe)

The Internet of Things is transforming business

Narrowband IoT - the future of embedded connectivity

Narrowband carries voice data on a limited number of frequencies, using lower bandwidth. So with NB-IoT you get better coverage and indoor penetration, and optimise power consumption and spectrum efficiency. CTE has 101 commercial NB-IoT networks in 55 countries around the world. Look to us to keep your business ahead in digital transformation when the 2G/3G mobile network is phased out.

Most people’s understanding of connected devices is limited to the ones they see every day such as voice- activated assistants, music players and televisions. In fact, the network of billions of connected devices known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses around the world, and driving growth across industries including energy, healthcare, logistics, retail and transport. At a time when network coverage, connectivity, availability and device management capacity are critical for your business, turn to IoT solutions from China Telecom (Europe), CTE, to connect your operations in ways you never imagined.

How IoT is changing the world 4 connected devices per person by 2023 (Cisco estimations) 11% of the global economy by 2025 (forecast from GSMA) US $1.1tn company revenue generated worldwide by 2025 20-30% efficiency gains in operations made by businesses adopting IoT

Why choose NB-IoT from China Telecom (Europe)

Well-established and successful with 60 million connections in China (December 2020) Mature solution with 325 TSLs (Thing specification language) Competitive module pricing to fit your business Trusted network of 32 Chip manufacturers, 183 module manufacturers, 1500+ vertical industry partners, 200+ bulk application deployment methods

Why choose IoT from China Telecom (Europe)

Secure, compliant platform – Robust certified European and Chinese presence and operational capability, with secure IoT devices protected from hackers One-stop shop – Full range of compliant IoT solutions for your business, using our high quality global network and industry expertise

Global leaders in IoT – Largest IoT Network infrastructure worldwide

Integrated and mature solutions – Ever- expanding IoT ecosystem, with CTE packaging thousands of IoT devices and solutions Think-tank of experts – 1000+ device connection testing practitioners and a Device Connection Platform (DCP) Member to ensure your IoT project succeeds

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Reinventing the business of a European vehicle manufacturer

Now that billions of new mobile devices are connected worldwide, roaming data is a vital element of a successful business. IoT providers need mobile connectivity suppliers to provide reliable connectivity at the lowest cost, wherever their IoT devices need to access mobile networks. Every sector has its own requirements, and they become increasingly complex when devices need to connect across national borders.  Common issues faced by mobile connectivity providers In China, where there are 6 billion IoT mobile connections, businesses often turn to local partners to ensure they comply with local regulations. That’s just one of the challenges your business must overcome, including: • Complying with roaming regulations in complex markets (China, Turkey, India, Brazil) • Driving revenue from roaming services outside Europe • Unclear charging models and multiple bills Efficient, cost-effective cross border device connections

Working with an established European vehicle manufacturer, China Telecom (Europe)’s IoT business was able to deliver a stand out use case for telematics for insurance on motor vehicles. What the business wanted Digital Transformation: Smart monitoring equipment to collect relevant data from motor vehicles to better understand their customers driving activity. Connectivity: Low latency data transmission to a central server to efficiently collect and make use of customer data. SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform: A way to optimise insurance algorithm models to significantly reduce the cost of vehicle insurance for customers, making them more likely to buy the vehicles produced by the manufacturer.

 How China Telecom (Europe) helped

• Unpredictable quality of service (QoS) using foreign networks • Losing control and visibility of your subscribers to a foreign network • Set-up costs of building strong bilateral relationships in foreign countries

China Telecom (Europe) acted as an integrator, partnering with a local SaaS provider who developed the insurance software application and an on-board diagnostics (OBD) supplier to provide a complete solution to our manufacturing client. 1. CTE provided comprehensive, compliant cross-border solutions. It acted as a one-stop shop for IoT services, using its status as a global MVNO service provider, its localised mobile operating licenses and the tax arrangements it has set up across Europe. 2. CTE took advantage of the economies of scale it enjoys as the world’s largest mobile operator to provide advanced, cost effective IoT Solutions. 3. CTE packages continued to add value after the initial set up, for our manufacturing client and its customers. The manufacturer‘s smart models and smart devices improved the safety of their vehicles, and insurers lowered their rates to the drivers of the vehicles made.

 How our E2E roaming overcomes your challenges The only operator that provides NB-IoT

World’s largest FDD and NB Network with 99% national coverage 18 Million 4G Base stations, delivering a high QoS even in remote areas and dense urban areas DCP (Device connection platform) member

network sponsored roaming covering all China Global team of experts ready to customise and support your solution Seamless connectivity, low latency and a superior QoS

 A results driven partnership

In 2020, the manufacturer‘s sales in their home country increased by a third and was the best-selling and most-searched motorcycle company there. After-sales data is improving the business‘ customer targeting by helping them design customised insurance packages that can help their buyers save money. Together, we built a cutting edge use case of telemetry data that can help transform and create new business models today.

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2021 will see the widespread rollout of 5G CPE – CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) which relays 5G mobile phone signals around your buildings. 5G CPE supports IoT devices with demands for greater data volumes as well as those that need ultra-low latency to be effective – allowing your business to use advanced IoT solutions. 5G brings high-speed internet access to hard-to-reach areas that require it most. It’s replacing expensive FTTH (Fibre to the home) installation in countries with low fibre connectivity rates due to lower population density such as agriculture areas and more remote locales. 5G CPE can help your business take advantage of the rapid deployment of 5G.  5G CPE for more bandwidth, high speed and wide coverage

IoT and robotics in the workplace

The dream of using IoT in warehouses, factories and offices is fast becoming a reality. These environments provide the ideal platform for launching IoT projects and taking immediate advantage of the benefits of the technology.

SmartSafe Robots reduce risk

Maintaining the health and safety of your work environment is critical for any business all the time – not only during a global pandemic. By making use of the most up-to-date technologies, you can keep your employees and visitors safe, and reduce the risk to your business. Our SmartSafe Robots: • Disinfect and sterilise surfaces to keep areas clean • Take contactless temperature screenings for safe checks • Record and transmit data over your network to inform and alert your team • Work autonomously when staff aren’t available

European FTTH/B Rankings (Source: IDATE for FTTH Council Europe April 2020)

Belarus Sweden Spain Norway Russia Bulgaria France Denmark




39.8% 37.3%

FTTB Subscribers FTTH Subscribers




Netherlands Luxembourg Switzerland Hungary Czech Republic Turkey Ireland Poland Italy Germany United Kingdom Serbia Austria

21.7% 21.4% 21.3%


Picking Robots improve delivery




Smart picking robots choose the most efficient travel paths to achieve accurate, speedy order delivery. The robots are powered by advanced machine learning algorithms to improve pick performance. Our Picking Robots: • Triple your labour picking rate • Improve picking accuracy (up to 99.99%) • Deploy fast (1-3 months) • Give you rapid ROI (2-3 years payback period)















 Why choose China Telecom (Europe) for 5G CPE? Your one-stop shop for 5G CPE indoor solutions and coverage Support for multiple frequency bands in major regions and operators worldwide Cost-effective alternative to expensive fibre connections Global infrastructure and supply chain to source and integrate the equipment you need Support for flexible expansion of Mesh Wi-Fi technologies, enhancing your indoor connectivity Indoor and outdoor solutions, including necessary infrastructure such as masts and poles. Fully compliant with EU and UK requirements and regulations

Picking Robots improve delivery

Using the latest in laser navigation methods, these robots schedule their own routes around your factory or warehouse. They deliver pallets and racks smoothly, avoiding any obstacles in their path. Our Pallet Moving robots: • Adapt to different scenarios with flexible modules (eg rollers, tools, special equipment) • Minimise risks using secure safety multi- sensors • Integrate with all kinds of machinery systems thanks to PLC: Programmable logic controller

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 CTE Key Facts

One of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services

International bilateral connectivity in 100+ countries More than 500,000 professionals employed around the world

Owns extensive trans-Pacific cable systems including China- U.S, Japan-U.S, SE-AME-WE3 in APCN2, SMW3, SMw5, FASTER, Flag, TAE, and more Owns and operates ChinaNet, China’s largest Internet network World’s largest broadband operator (127 million subscribers) World’s largest 4G LTE FDD Mobile Operator (127 million subscribers) Owns and operates China’s largest optical fibre network: over 83,000km long, covering 70% of China’s territory and connecting all Chinese Cities

Who is CTE? For companies who want to grow their businesses or establish a presence in China, or for Chinese enterprises that wish to expand overseas, CTE provides integrated telecoms and communications services. CTE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global (CTG), the international arm of China Telecom. CTE’s unrivalled knowledge of the Chinese market, and regional offices across Europe, make CTE an ideal partner for European and Asian businesses, including European multinational enterprises, Chinese enterprises in Europe, carriers, telecom service providers as well as Europe-based Chinese consumers. CTE seamlessly connects your global business to the world’s largest single marketplace. Our European-Asia Network has more terrestrial and submarine routes than any of our competitors, and domestically China Telecom owns the largest digital network in China. This results in superior lower latency, greater diversity and improved resilience when accessing business applications to and from China. CTE can bring all your international communications needs under one global contract, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the safe hands of industry experts.

Primary service provider in China

#158 on Fortune’s Global 500 in 2020

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