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Cloud Solutions As cloud computing continues to grow, more and more decision- makers are finding that public cloud platforms are putting a strain on their IT architecture. With offices around the globe and a dispersed workforce, they are looking for cloud solutions which offer more control, speed and flexibility. We offer four types of service to help keep your users connected and your IT assets secure. Hybrid Cloud Our secure hybrid cloud bridges private and public clouds. It’s the perfect solution for enterprise customers, helping you to balance connectivity with other crucial factors like cost and security. There’s no need for delays or costly capital spending. The assets are already in place, and we keep your running costs to a minimum. Enterprise-grade security comes as standard, with integrated monitoring services. Cloud Exchange This is a single solution that lets you reach multiple public cloud platforms like AliCloud, AWS and Azure. We offer a dedicated network of AWS/Azure gateway nodes in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, San Jose and Washington, DC. You can establish fast, reliable and secure connections from your offices, data centres or colocation environments around the world. There’s great support for connections from MPLS, IEPL and IP. Multiple virtual links can also be set up from a single port. You only pay for what you use – and you can choose bandwidth speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

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Managed Services Our additional managed services, such as website hosting, disaster recovery and business continuity services, make our team an extension of yours. With end-to-end multi-lingual support, our customers can benefit from even greater peace of mind. Keep your people, data, applications and data resources connected and working effectively. No delays, no downtime.

Software Defined WAN If you are continually migrating services to the cloud, you need a secure, flexible, cheaper integrated connectivity solution. SD-WANs help you to manage complex connectivity challenges. They’re the ideal solution for the Internet of Things – with billions of data dots; and for global logistics operations – with flexible access over a huge area; and for rapidly growing organisations – with ever-changing topologies. Our SD-WAN service is simple to set up and manage – with automated activation of cloud gateways and terminals. You can change network policies or bandwidth in real time. It also gives you intelligent routing. The cloud gateways automatically analyse the congestion rate and intelligently routes to the optimum path.

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